# Gaming

# Video driver

If you followed Installation/Useful packages/Graphics Driver your graphics driver & Vulkan should be already set-up correctly

# Graphics card configuration tool


yay -S radeon-profile-git radeon-profile-daemon-git
systemctl enable --now radeon-profile-daemon


yay -S nvidia-settings

# Wine

# Libraries

Recommended by Lutris (opens new window)

yay -S --needed wine-staging giflib lib32-giflib libpng lib32-libpng libldap lib32-libldap gnutls lib32-gnutls mpg123 lib32-mpg123 openal lib32-openal v4l-utils lib32-v4l-utils libpulse lib32-libpulse libgpg-error lib32-libgpg-error alsa-plugins lib32-alsa-plugins alsa-lib lib32-alsa-lib libjpeg-turbo lib32-libjpeg-turbo sqlite lib32-sqlite libxcomposite lib32-libxcomposite libxinerama lib32-libgcrypt libgcrypt lib32-libxinerama ncurses lib32-ncurses opencl-icd-loader lib32-opencl-icd-loader libxslt lib32-libxslt libva lib32-libva gtk3 lib32-gtk3 gst-plugins-base-libs lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs

Other packages not listed by Lutris

yay -S vkd3d lib32-vkd3d faudio lib32-faudio

# Custom Wine/Proton

For custom Proton, I recommend GloriousEgroll (opens new window)or Tk-Glitch (opens new window)

Tk-Glitch also provides a wine version which can be installed with yay -U wine-tkg*.pkg.tar.zst

# Programs

Install basic gaming tools

yay -S lutris steam gamemode lib32-gamemode

# Custom kernel


If you are using NVIDIA and want to use a custom kernel you need to use nvidia-dkms since nvidia is just for the mainline linux kernel and nvidia-lts for linux-lts

yay -Rdd nvidia
yay -S nvidia-dkms

Alternatively you can use nvidia-all (opens new window) to get the latest NVIDIA driver for all kernels

# Zen

yay -S linux-zen linux-zen-headers

# Tk-Glitch

See linux-tkg (opens new window)

# After installing

You need to re-generate your grub config

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

# Tweak Esync

If this command prints out a value which is equal or greater to 524288 you're all set

ulimit -Hn

However, if it doesn't, or you want to further improve it:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system.conf
sudo nano /etc/systemd/user.conf

append this in both files


Source: https://github.com/zfigura/wine/blob/master/README.esync (opens new window)

# Other tweaks

The Arch wiki has a page dedicated to Gaming (opens new window) with a few other tweaks you might want to look into.